Out Of My Office Window (I had a thought!)


spray110First thing this morning I walked out to read the rain gauge. It read 4mm (1/8th of an inch in old money). Yesterday we had sprayed the fields with a pre-emergence weed-killer. Back in the office I looked at the chemical bill. One of the chemicals had cost £90/litre! That’s over four times the price of an ordinary whisky! My mind yet again searched for alternatives and yet again failed to find a solution, apart from whisky…

The rain is falling from the sky,
The timing couldn’t be better,
My crops are ready to go, go go,
But the soil needs to be wetter!

Yesterday we sprayed the weeds,
With pre-emergence spray,
So when they poke up from the ground,
They’ll just fade away!

There’s only one small drawback,
It comes at thirty days,
The day we have to pay the bill,
For expensive weed-killing sprays!

Could we go organic?
Pigs we used to grow,
In thirty years even we broke,
As the bank manager used to know!

Could we go into dairy?
Milking cows twice a day,
The price for milk is decided,
By supermarkets – not fair play.

So all those great muck-makers,
Who would fertilize the field,
Oh! I also forgot more regulations,
Would not help with my yield.

So I am left non-organic,
Fertilizer from a sack,
Weed control from an expensive can,
That, I suppose, is that!
(until the next latest, greatest, farming-fad…Cheers!)

© Baldock Bard 2013
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