Over Another Hedge!


ClaasLast week in Norfolk, supposedly taking a few days off, I was alerted by a familiar sound. Do other professions suffer from having to take a look? Does a dentist look at peoples teeth in Tesco’s? Does a hairdresser make comments about hairstyles on TV? Like a dog attracted by the sound of supper, I had to go take a look…

You can take the farmer from the farm,
But you can’t take the farm out of the farmer.
I’m always ‘hedgerow farming’,
A typical Farmer Palmer!
There in a field,
on the outskirts of a village,
a combine cutting linseed,
prior to autumn tillage!
“What you be doing?”
the farmer asked of me,
“Heard the familiar noise,
had to come and see!”

© Baldock Bard 2015
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