Postman Bob’s Final Countryside Round


Bob's Last RoundDo you know your postie’s name? Chances are that if you live in a town or city he delivers while you are away at work. Here in the sticks we are far more likely to share a quick word with her or him as we tend to work close to home. Today we lose our postman Bob. Some invisible layer of overpaid management has decreed that he is not senior enough to be in charge of this rural round. I know we will get used to having a different deliverer, but that won’t stop us missing ‘Our Bob’.

So it’s fond adieu,
It’s the final day,
Of Bob delivering,
Around our way.
We who are,
Countryside clan,
Will miss the humour
From his little red van!
So thank-you Bob,
For making us laugh,
As now you head up,
A different path!
And as for ladies,
If you please,
They’re bound to miss,
Your knobbly knees!
Postman Bob© Baldock Bard 2014
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