Preparing for Guests!


TommyBWhen you have guests do you fly around the house like a dervish noticing all those little things you wish you’d tidied/mended weeks ago? Next week we open our gates for three visits to the farm. Two are from a London school and one from a group of local farmers. I’m not sure which visit scares me the most – 30 seven and eight year-old school children or critical farmers who’ll judge as they walk. Tommy has been helping prepare…

Yesterday morning clearing the barn,
with each hour that passes, greater alarm!
Tommy busy tidying, “where shall I hide,
this old tyre – in the nettles outside?”
We’ve tidied up the tools, swept the floor,
we’re nearly out of time can do no more.
Both groups of visitors will asking probing questions,
And in some cases, offer useful suggestions!
Everywhere I look I see cause for complaint,
Weeds that are growing, doors that need paint!
Please Mr Farmer, can we see some cows!
I wouldn’t have rust like that on any of my ploughs!
It’s getting to the stage where I’ve run out of time,
They’ll just have to accept me…
and this well-used farm of mine!

Every farm needs a Tommy, up to retirement he worked here full time, now he helps in the garden and dispairs at my untidyness!

© Baldock Bard 2015
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