Public Sunflower Failure!


Sometimes the very best intentions go awry. In farming, mistakes that lead to spectacular weed growth almost always happen next to the road where sufferers of ‘Farmer’s Neck’ will be able to see and snigger (Farmers Neck: The ability to rotate head by 360 degrees to view a neighbours crops while driving past). The sniggering isn’t out of spite but a nervous reaction that suggests ‘there by the grace of God go I’ at the same time praising the fact it is somebody else’s turn. Yet again I am the source of Farmers neck…

There are places on my farm,
Where cock-ups should not be made.
More visible than at a wedding,
Toasting the couple with Lucozade!

Twice I drilled some sunflowers,
I thought they’d look fine,
Next to the car boot entrance,
Yellow soldiers all in a line!

First the frost came and killed them,
So I planted some more seeds,
I really don’t know what happened,
All that came were weeds!

So look for Fat Hen and Poppy,
If you visit the car boot sale,
And don’t let me catch you smirking,
At my public sunflower fail!

© Baldock Bard 2012

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