Putting Baldock on the Map!


Baldock on mapI always used to believe that there was only one Baldock in the world. Not being high on the list of my discoveries in life, it floated in and out of sight for years. The other day a search for a weather forecast produced a list of available Baldocks! I was shocked at the number and variety of locations that shared the name. The same night it appeared on our local forecast (a very rare event), a sign that I should search…

We used to say “where’s Willy?”
And look in a crowd so hard,
Have you ever wondered where Baldock is?
And how close to your back yard?

There’s Baldock, a town in England,
And one in South Carolina,
An island and lake in Manitoba,
Not where you’d find a miner!

There’s a Baldock Airport in Kansas,
With a chapel in Kentucky,
A ditch and stream flow through Oregon,
Next to a Baldock tree?

There’s an historical post office in Kentucky,
But the furthest away I can tell,
Is about six hundred miles north of Perth,
And they call it Baldock Well!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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