Rain, Rain, Go Away!


Sat ShowersI’ve had a serious complaint about the car boot sales that I run on a Saturday morning. Apparently a man is very unhappy that he turned up on Saturday at around 10am and most stalls had either gone or were packing up. He’s not half as miffed as I am! Almost every other Saturday this season has been wet or showery, will the person who insists on treading on every spider he comes across please desist…

Every other Saturday at the car boot sale,
This summer weather rains without fail.
I’m beginning to think it’s something I’ve done,
It’s my fault we’ve had no sun!
Then I realize it’s not just me,
And unfortunately that’s how it be!
Without the rain that we’ve seen,
All would be brown instead of green.
The reservoirs would be empty and wan,
Resulting in a hosepipe ban!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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