Red in the Morning, Shepherd’s Warning!


Red in the Morning...This has been a year of stunning red sunsets and wet weekends! Why can’t we confine precipitation to weekday nights and have dry Saturdays and Sundays? (not to mention Bank Holidays!) Of course that would be too utopian and dissent would soon follow! A couple of mornings ago nature put on a wonderful light show. It was so spectacular I had to phone-a-shepherd to seek an explanation…

The other morning,
Out of the blue,
The sky turned red!

Suspecting an alien
invasion of Baldock,
or at the very least,
a celestial
or simply
a manifestation
of an ancient
weathered rhyme,
I rang a shepherd,
that I happen to know.

He said
it was probably,
just a warning!

Of what,
he declined to say!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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