Remembering Mars!


Mars 21How do you feel and what do you remember when you miss somebody who is no longer around? Four years ago today, our great friend Marsya left us. She left behind a stern wave of such proportions that it is still swirling around the feet of her many friends. I miss her for many reasons, one being her liberal use of the English language in all its varied forms. As a result this morning I have already sworn with a couple of friends and I intend to do so in her memory with many more before the day is out…

Marsya used to swear,
enjoyed to turn air blue,
Anglo-Saxon vernaculars
in front of me and you!
But now she is silent,
but we will not forget,
how she touched our lives,
using the alphabet.
So swear along with me,
just for her today,
“That one’s for Marsya!”
you’ll explain yourself away!

Mars, you’re not forgotten, we were all so lucky to have you as a friend, Nos Da.

© Baldock Bard 2016

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