Rogueing Ragwort!


As a precursor to more silly haymaking, we’ve been pulling Ragwort. Despite having pretty yellow flowers it can be fatal to horses when in its dried form in a bale of hay. So we went a’rogueing…

Many years ago
When I were just a lad
I’d be sent to pull Wild Oats
‘Cos Wild Oats in Wheat looks bad

Yes we had the chemicals
The effect just didn’t last
And the fields had to look perfect
For when other farmers passed!

We’ve been pulling Ragwort
In the heat so the hay is ‘clean’
We’ve pulled enough to clear the field
No yellow can be seen

So we’re off a’baling
Now the rouging’s done
And we’ll be jolly haymakers
Drinking cider in the sun!
© Baldock Bard 2012
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