Royston Roy’s Rocket!


Many notable events have taken place on the field where we hold our Saturday Car Boot Sales just outside Baldock. We have had dog shows, charity fun runs, proposals and falling-outs! However one of the more obscure events just recently was the launching of a space rocket by Rocket Roy from Royston…

The countdown started at Mission Control,
(the Launch Director munched on a sausage roll!)
The un-manned rocket sat ready to go,
the crowd stood silently all in a row!
“Ten-Nine-Eight-Seven then Six,”
You could hear a spectator bite on a Twix!
Then all of a sudden there was a roar,
flames erupted across the grassy floor!
Slowly the rocket began to rise,
the Launch Director choked with surprise!
Rocket Roy threw his cap in the air,
“A successful launch I declare!
Now if you’d now like to follow me,
we’ll enjoy a celebratory cup of tea!”
…160 miles away in Old Brighouse,
confusion is caused by a smashed greenhouse!

Enjoy your day but always remember, what goes up must come down!
Some facts here may not be real (serving suggestion only).
Thank you to Royston Roger (aged 3) for todays photo!

© Baldock Bard 2016
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