Saturday Friends!


tallsSomebody once asked what made my car boot sale special. I replied that it was rather like the earth: Without people, the earth would be like just another rock in space – the car boot sale would be just another empty field. Last week a couple told me they were emigrating to the seaside. So I took their picture to add to the vast number I have of people standing beside their cars on Saturday mornings for the last 24 years! It has come as quite a shock as to how little I know about this very nice couple, I don’t even know their names…

Mr and Mrs Tall are moving,
to Bournemouth by the sea,
I don’t like to loose good customers,
especially like she and he.
They’ve been coming to the boot sales,
quite a few times a year,
with their friendly disposition,
we’ve enjoyed their presence here.
Lucky old Bournemouth,
new recipient of your smiles,
perhaps we’ll meet again one day,
it’s not that many miles!

Dedicated to all my wonderful customers, whoever you are or wherever you’re from.

© Baldock Bard 2016
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