September Sunshine!


September SunHaving been back and forth to the hospital recently to see my old man has meant that farming has had to take a back seat. Thankfully the weather has been fine and so planting operations are effectively on hold until rain arrives. Also due to an earlier-than-normal harvest, we seem to be up to date. However once the weather breaks all that can change…

Mid-September and summer’s here!
(I’d like a pub garden – cold pint of beer!)
But back to work I fear I must,
Clanking rolls and choking dust!
A farmer told me it was a pain,
That when it was sunny he wanted rain!
And when the rain was daily pouring,
For a dry day he would be imploring!
It just shows that all together,
A farmer’s not satisfied whatever the weather!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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