Sheltering from Rain!


Sheltering from rainIt’s strange how we all shelter from the rain. So great a percentage of our bodies is made up from water that you’d think we’d dance around in a shower to celebrate the fact! Yesterday I wrote about loss, following on from the tragic events at the Boston Marathon and my own experiences. I received a number of e-mails asking why I hadn’t mentioned the injustices that exist all over the world. Places were quoted such as Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan (to name but three). This set me thinking, as any comment should. I came to two conclusions. Firstly: There is so much injustice caused by man in the world, that it is physically impossible to even begin to consider them all. Secondly: In my very limited experience of the world I can only write with conviction about what I know and leave higher topics to those with the knowledge to do so. I thank the writers for those e-mails as it has made me think. That is all…

We all shelter from the rain,
whether in Baldock or Delhi.
We all turn up our noses,
at subjects that to us are smelly!
Everyone writes with agenda,
sometimes they write ‘cos of pain,
But there’s one thing we do all together,
we shelter out of the rain!

PS. There used to be a comic called Dave Allen. He would end his TV show with the phrase: May your God go with you. Amen.

© Baldock Bard 2013
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