Silence In A Noisy World!


Silent BuildingYesterday I went to the funeral of an old friend. As I wasn’t sure how long the journey would take, I allowed plenty of time. As a result I arrived very early at the church. Sitting in this vast silent building on my own I realised that it was the first time for weeks, possibly months or even years, that I’d had time to stop and think in almost total silence…

When did you last stop,
and take time to think,
without interruption,
(of phone or of sink!)
When was the last time,
you thought to yourself,
‘is that silence I hear?’
not even clock on the shelf!
We don’t know silence,
it’s not part of our world,
maybe we should try it,
so inner peace be unfurled.

Go, on! Give it a try sometime, it makes you realise how noisy and demanding our world is these days and allows just a few moments of peaceful silence! Find your ‘silent space’ today!

© Baldock Bard 2015
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