Snoring in the Bath!


Bubble BathThe other day while replacing the spare wheel back into the boot of Mrs Bards car, I pulled a muscle in my back. It has been sheer agony, far worse even than Man Flu. I have spent most of the time since, flat on my back unable to move. Luckily Mrs Bard has been a wonderful nurse, however I think her patience with the patient is wearing thin…

Last night I lay relaxed and warm in the bath,
My six-pack all foamy (Don’t make me laugh!),
All of a sudden the water was cold,
“Fallen asleep?” Mrs Bard, did me scold!
“Errr… No dear,” I replied, made a grab for the towel
Goosebumps and loose bumps I tried to call ‘foul!’
The moral, if needed, is quite clear to see,
Set an alarm clock if bathing relaxed you be!

© Baldock Bard 2015
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