Staying Lucky!


img_0490Many years ago there was a seller at our weekly Saturday car boot sales that everyone called ‘Lucky’. Needless to say if something could go wrong, it would go wrong for poor old Lucky. He bought a consignment of lighters, a real bargain, until one very hot day they ignited and burnt his van to the ground. If Orange was the ‘in’colour, Lucky would have invested in red! This fortnight I’ve felt a bit like Lucky. Last week the differential on the front axle of my tractor broke. This week the rear axle tried to divorce the rest of the machine and do the off, leading to very expensive repair #2. However every cloud has a silver lining and my lucky moment was when the tractor collapsed in the yard and not in the field…

If you knew luck,
like I do at the moment,
you’d put life on hold,
call for a postponement!

The poor old tractor,
jacked up in the barn,
this time it’s the rear,
that is cause for alarm.

It’s only a machine,
and nobody got hurt,
I’ll soon be back,
ploughing up the dirt!

You needn’t look far,
to find someone who’s in pain,
and so I think I’m lucky,
…at least it didn’t rain!

Have a good day and STAY LUCKY!
Yet again Oliver Landpower from Luton were on the scene and dealing with the problem in record time. If they continue to offer such great service I may just have to call them the farm’s 4th Emergency service!

© Baldock Bard 2016
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