Street Party! (Jubilee pt3)


The other night on the local news, the reporter spoke to two friends who were organizing a street party in Kings Lynn. They had met at the last Jubilee. While some may sneer at these events, they are a wonderful way to forge community spirit and new friendships…

I wish it wasn’t raining,
I wish the sun would shine,
But we’re used to the weather,
And say “it’ll all be fine!”

The street party moves indoors,
To the old church hall,
Hastily erected bunting,
Will most likely fall!

But it doesn’t matter,
We take it in our stride,
It’s all about the people,
That are crammed inside!

Neighbour meeting neighbour,
They haven’t met before,
Mrs Patel meets Mrs Smith,
They live on the very same floor!

Since the last Jubilee,
Many things have changed,
New friendships have been forged
Thank heavens that it rained!

© Baldock Bard
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