Take a Moment…


IMG_6160Have you ever taken a moment to wonder ‘what did I think at that moment?’ An attempt to remember your thoughts at an important moment in your life? Thirty-seven years ago on the 19th of May, I got married in a small chapel in the little village of Pembrey, South Wales. The picture above shows me with semi-wet hair at the moment we said ‘I Do’.
All our lives are truly unique. We all have sunny days but when the storm hits the only option is to cling together and wait patiently for the sun that always follows rain.
There only one preparation for a life like this: Choose your partner well, choose your best friend.
After all these years I can look back at this photo and know what I was thinking: “I’m so lucky she’s just said ‘yes!'”

© Baldock Bard 2016
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