That Time of Year in Baldock Again!


Baldock Fair 2013If you’re thinking of driving through Baldock today you’d better breathe in! The normally spacious High Street with its grassed piazzas and large car park has vanished. Even the market stalls have been pushed up to huddle next the Town Hall like three old ladies on a seafront in February. The Charter Fair has arrived in town. Love it or hate it you have to admire the resilience of the showmen who have fared worse than most in these difficult times…

I saw Thomas by the ‘Teacups’,
We exchanged a word maybe three,
He’d been setting up since daybreak,
He looked up at the sky with a plea:

“Please may it not rain tonight,
Please may it stay dry all week,
Because if it is raining,
Despite all my training,
Takings will be harder to seek!”

Naturally I was sympathetic,
The forecast was not bad today,
I crossed my fingers for his fair ride,
And the others for me, Saturday!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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