The Abandoned Frying Pan!


After our 687th car boot sale in our 25th year there was very little rubbish to pick up. The morning had started with un-forecasted drizzle but by closing time the sun was shinning. It was quite pleasant wandering around picking up the odd piece of paper or coffee cup. I have found many things left behind in the past, however I came upon a ‘first’…

‘Shadowman’ was picking litter,
after the car boot sale,
his eyesight not what it used to be,
but spots litter without fail!
There on the ground lay a frying pan,
to pick it up he leant down,
but shadows have no grip at all,
so it stayed upon the ground!
Someone had paid 50p,
or that was the price thereon,
the pan was detached from the handle,
thankfully pancake day has gone!

Have a great week. I hope you stay contented, happy and safe

© Baldock Bard 2017
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