The Abandoned Terrier and his Humans!


The rear window TerrierMrs Bard ad I sat having lunch in the small town of Holt in Norfolk recently and as we ate we realised we were being closely observed. In a Jaguar car parked in the market place was a very disgruntled terrier. When we finished lunch and walked across the square, he told us his sad story…

Sitting on the parcel shelf,
Of my human’s car,
I’ve been left alone,
I don’t know where they are!

I shall look pathetic,
When they finally return,
So they’ll have to spoil me,
Don’t they ever learn?

I may demand biscuits,
I may demand a bone,
And access to a comfy chair
When we get back home!

He will be contrite,
His guilt will be complete,
He won’t discover for a while,
I’ve peed on the driver’s seat!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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