The Agricultural Conga Line!


Tractor CongaThere is one thing above all else that irritates me regarding my fellow tractor drivers. It is their inability to pull in to let traffic pass. They drive for miles, seemingly oblivious to the line of traffic stretching into the distance behind them. The greatest exponents of this ‘let’s piss off the public’ game can be the large contractor, often with a base miles away, who can behave as if they own the road…

Let’s play the Tractor Conga,
The queues are getting longer!
I’m in the way,
Join my queue today!

Let’s play the Tractor Conga,
I know that it’s wrong-ga!
They cannot pass
I won’t go on the grass!

Let’s play the Tractor Conga,
I like to sing along-ga!
Drivers in a bate,
Now they’re running late!

Let’s play the Tractor Conga,
Join me in my song-ga!
Bring a tractor too,
And you can join my queue!

Let’s play the Tractor Conga,
Etc….(ad nausium)

© Baldock Bard 2013
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