The Baldock Kebab!


It would be hard to find a more maligned food than the humble kebab. It is the ‘ASBO-kid’ of take-away foods with an undeserved reputation of only being enjoyed by groups of lager-filled drunks before being regurgitated onto a pavement. There are many good kebab shops and Baldock is lucky to have one of the best…

I went down to Baldock
To buy a tasty kebab
I had food on my mind
Had failed in diet rehab!

It is quite sad
That they now know my order
Before I say a word
A dietary disorder!

The lady asks quietly
To maintain my sense of honour
I resisted temptation
And ordered a small donner!

When I got home
There was a surprised greeting
I’d order a salad too
In the name of healthy eating!

By the time I finished eating
It had got quite late
The dogs were disappointed
Nothing left upon my plate!
Dedicated to the ever-friendly staff at Papa’s Kebab House in Baldock

© Baldock Bard 2012
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