The Baling Team!


On the farm this year I took a gamble, I decided to bale all the straw that had been left by the combine. In past years we have used the combine’s straw chopper that leaves almost no evidence behind but finely-chopped straw and dust. This year required steady nerves with so much straw lying in rows and wet weather day after day. However John, Stevie and the rest of the baling team arrived and soon the straw was gone and only rows of large bales remained…

Like Mad March Hares the balers chase,
each other up rows of straw.
The ever-munching mechanical mouths,
Always hungry for more!

All that’s left behind them,
enormous brick-like bales,
destined to travel miles from here,
North South East or Wales!

So thanks to all the baling team,
turner, baler, stacker or boss!
You all made it look as easy,
as eating candy floss!
Have a great weekend, see you next week!

© Baldock Bard 2015
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