The Bank Holiday Barbecue!


BarbecueAlmost all of us are blessed with a room crammed full of cooking facilities called a ‘kitchen’. However given a sunny day, with reasonably warm temperatures, we feel this primeval urge to rush outside and attempt to poison the family with undercooked or charred meat, cooked caveman-style. Given the choice I’m certain that homo-erectus would have chosen the fitted B&Q with low level grill, self-cleaning oven and hob…

Dave has lit the barbecue,
He’s also singed his hair!
The family wait hungrily,
For food that’s not quite there!

The girls are picking daisies,
The boys are scoring goals,
Dave’s poor face is reddening,
From blowing glowing coals!

The wives are busy chatting,
Don’t notice all the smoke,
Mick cracks Dave a much-needed beer,
It’s a hard job being a bloke!

An hour later they call the kids,
“Have something now to eat”
Before they have a chance to moan,
ketchup smothers meat!

Later when the light has gone,
The kids are all inside,
Huddled around the failing heat,
Dave’s shlurring hish wordsh with pride!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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