The Bard is a Pig!


Sometimes when out, temptation is beyond endurance. One thing leads to another. Nose sniffs, brain registers, mouth salivates, stomach grumbles and food is ordered. Simple as that! I arrived home the other day and I was in trouble. Not through a blonde hair on my shoulder, stranger’s perfume on my coat or lipstick on my collar but the overriding waft of ‘Eau de Burger’ that followed me in through the door…

I was hungry,
Had to eat,
Spied a pub,
Down the street.

Walked right in,
Foodie smell,
Ordered burger,
Chips as well!

When it arrived,
Its size was great,
Very soon,
Empty plate!

Arrived home,
Wifely dig:
“Eaten out?
You’re just a pig!”
© Baldock Bard 2013
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