The Bards Little Rechargeable Helper (My Sucky-Yucky Queen!)


Dyson marvelWhen I went to light the wood-burner yesterday evening I made a mess on the carpet. Wishing to avoid any finger-pointing at my wood-carrying prowess, I reached for the new rechargeable vacuum cleaner. Unfortunately it also highlighted my limited lifestyle when I realised how excited I’d become over such a small household item. Note to self: get a life…

I have a little helper
Dyson is her name
It means I sweep the carpets
When I’m not out in the rain!

I wish that I could take her
Out onto the farm
But alas darling Mrs Bard
Would break my bloody arm!

I swept in the sitting room
Where I’d dropped a log
Then I used the sweeper
To sweep hairs from our dog!

I vacuumed granddaughter’s monkey
Now it looks like new
It’s amazing what the Dyson
In experienced hands can do!

Then a satisfying moment
Emptying by the door
Alas the bin is missed
Dust ends up on the floor!

In my world of vacuum cleaners
She’s the best that’s ever been
In fact she’s so successful
She’s my sucky-yucky Queen!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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