The Bargain on the Pavement!


BookshelfWe are now used to convenience in our lives. Change happens so fast these days that the term ‘Old-Fashioned’ can represent the recent past. The digital book is a case in point. For around six-hundred years – no change. Suddenly obsolescence beckons for the bookshop, bookcase and books and we can carry hundreds of books in our pocket. Is the printed book about to become as relevant to today as the gaslight…

I picked up an analogue paperback,
From a stall outside a shop.
I knew it wasn’t digital,
And sense told me to stop.
I tried to find the button,
So I could open the book,
But it just refused to open,
All I could do was look!
I vaguely remembered opening,
A book some years ago,
And so I concentrated,
Gave it another go.
I grabbed it by the corner,
And parted it with force,
It came apart in my hands,
Was delicate of course!
I Red-Laser-app’d the barcode,
i-Phoned the Kindle Store,
I now have the book in digital,
In my pocket with three hundred more!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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