The Seasonal Old Man!


Santa 13There seems to be a plethora of old men dressed in red around local towns this year. Some have gone to great lengths to be as realistic as possible and some have made hardly any effort at all. One I came across reminded me of passing an open pub door just before closing time. The genuine have been let down by the disingenuous…

I met an old man on the street of a town,
Was dressed in a smart red dressing gown!
He had a large sack slung over his shoulder,
Looked like my granddad, could have been older!
He asked me if I’d been a good boy,
Dependent on my answer he’d give me a toy!
When I told him quite how naughty I’d been,
He got quite abusive, quite obscene!
I told him not to bother, I needed no favours,
And while in town, he should visit Specsavers!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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