The Birthday Party!



Yesterday the garden echoed to shrieks of joy from twenty-five pirates and princesses at my granddaughters fourth birthday party. What a wonderful sound, it is surely the greatest reward for a garden to be a place of innocent pleasure at an innocent age. I’m only sorry that the temperature wasn’t slightly warmer for the adults who bravely stood around while their charges rushed about and didn’t notice the slight chill…

Birthday parties haven’t changed much,
since when I was young,
children rush around the garden,
shouting and having fun!
Then the sandwiches appear,
squash at table places,
the birthday cake is passed around,
leaving creamy icing faces!
It’s back on the bouncy castle,
more time to rush around,
before young heads begin to droop,
tired and exhausted, home-bound!

Pirates and princesses reach their homes,
remember, just four years old,
They seek their beds without complaint,
without even being told!
…and so did an elderly ‘Bard-Pirate!’ (having been told off by a certain four-year-old for not dressing up enough!)

© Baldock Bard 2016
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