The Special Trip!


My son-in-law John (seen above with his favourite implement!) and his family have gone away in their camper van to celebrate a very important day. Daughter Marsya spent hours deciding which dolls (‘babies’) to take (I fear that she included the one that drinks and leaks!). They are now in their snug little ‘home away from home’ somewhere in the Midlands…

It’s son-in-law John’s birthday today,
it’s a big one I shouldn’t say.
Let’s just hint it rhymes with ‘naughty’,
as well as ‘sortie’ and of course ‘sporty!’
For his birthday with banners unfurled,
in the camper van to Dinosaur World!
No lie-in for daddy today,
“Here’s a doll it’s time to play!”
We wish you hours of a special ‘mirth-day’
and of course a ‘Happy Birthday!’

Happy Birthday John, hope you have a truly happy day.

© Baldock Bard 2017
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