The Blame Game!


When was the last time you broke something? Was it one of those silly moments when the breakage could have been avoided? When fertiliser arrives on the farm in one-tonne bags a lack of concentration can be serious. I was careless and broke a cladding sheet in the barn while stacking the bags with the JCB Loadall. It will be difficult to replace as it is heavy, awkward and in a very inconvenient place. The worst part is that there is no one else to blame…

I’ve a new window up in the barn.
While stacking fertilizer looked up with alarm,
I had heard a very large crack,
Now daylight was seen at the back!
It’s there now for all to see,
“Yes!” you’ll all know that it was me,
In future I’ll surely know,
steady with big bags to go!
Broken CladdingIt must be great to be able to blame others, however when there is never anyone else around it is not impossible but difficult!

© Baldock Bard 2015
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