The Brightest Daffodils


Every year, just when it seems that the daffodils are gone for another year, the brightest, oldest and best appear on the farm. Like a ‘Last Hurrah’ these beautiful, tall, visions in yellow, stun us with their brilliance. This year they serve to remind us of the reassurance of continuity during difficult times…

Planted so many years ago,
in very much gentler times,
the daffodils that line our drive,
inspire us more than rhymes.
They’ve seen difficult times before,
up on this Chiltern ridge,
and give us reassurance,
after events on Westminster Bridge.

Let us remember PC Palmer,
who put his own safety aside,
and repeat his deed to our children,
as to why this brave man died.

Like the bright yellow daffodils,
that shine so brightly here today,
They remind us to make the most,
of every single day.

Thinking of all those who died, were injured or affected in any way by the attack. We remember in our thoughts (and prayers if you wish), the families left behind.

© Baldock Bard 2017
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