The Cereal Bowl of Life!


CerealThis morning while filling my bowl with cereal, it over-filled and the dogs rejoiced and cleared up the floor. I suddenly realized that my helping was probably greedy and, if needed, I could always have second helping having completed the first. Needless to say, having completed the bowlful the last thing I wanted was a second…

There’s never enough room in the bowl,
for the cereal I want to eat!
There’s never enough time in the day,
for my list of jobs to complete!
It may sound like I’m ungrateful,
a dissatisfied ancient bore,
But at least I’m vertical and breathing,
How could I ask for more?

It’s Thursday again! If you know where they have hidden the rest of the week, please let me know as my list of jobs seems never-ending.

© Baldock Bard 2015
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