The Deepest Hole (in all the garden!)


THE HOLEWhile doing my grand-fatherly duties recently, I was teaching granddaughter how to jump on mole-hills in the garden (as one does!). Suddenly she stopped and was peering down a hole in the lawn…

A hole appeared in the garden,
I’m sure wasn’t there yesterday,
There wasn’t any sign of digging,
We didn’t suspect fowl play!

We looked into the hole,
And saw a pinprick of light,
I fetched my powerful binoculars,
As something wasn’t quite right!

There at the deepest juncture,
Was a man gazing down at me,
Dressed in a pair of swim trunks,
He seemed to be waving you see!

He soon disappeared from sight,
Was replaced by a large kangaroo,
I passed the glasses to my granddaughter
She shouted a very loud ‘Shoo!’

There remains very little evidence,
Of this mysterious deep deep hole,
It’s the photo you see above this,
And a hill that looks left by a mole!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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