The Difference ‘Twixt Grass and Wheat!


deer4JPGOne of my favourite occupations is to sit at the window, look across towards the wood, and watch wild deer graze the meadow. The other day, (just before the Mavic drone nested in a tree), I was watching a small herd of deer grazing wheat. This was in a field that used to be temporary grassland in an environmental scheme. So despite the damage I cannot be cross as they obviously thought I’d re-drilled a different type of grass…

The deer took no notice,
of the buzzing drone above;
it might just as well have been Santa,
or a peaceful collar-dove!
They just continued munching,
on my emerging wheat,
I was torn between,
admitting joy or just defeat!
They are such peaceful creatures,
who wander through our farm,
they seek shelter in our woods,
I’ll not do them any harm.

The only reassurance I repeat:
Please eat my grass and not my wheat!

© Baldock Bard 2016
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