The Difficult World Of Gifts!


Nose hair trimmerLooking for storage boxes in a local discount store yesterday, my eyes were drawn to the breadth of suitable Christmas gifts on offer. These ranged from the obvious to the sublime with all tastes catered for inbetween! What started as a belly laugh over an unsuitable gift became a quest for the strangest…

It’s a fact of life old men have nose hair,
A unwelcome growth that’s most unfair!
Most old men have discreet hair trimmers,
(Or failing that cordless strimmers!)
A suitable gift over which you might linger,
Is a nose-hair trimmer looks like a finger!
It would certainly make most folks frown,
If you used it when in town!
It would only be a joke,
If other people saw you poke!
So dear people please take care,
It’s a difficult world of gifts out there!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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