The Early Phone Call


phonesWhen you run an event that involves a phone number you have to be polite at all times. However this can be a tad difficult when a ‘Sir’ rings before daybreak! What I enjoy most of all is to be woken by a request for information about another boot sale miles away…

Good morning world
it’s a brand new day!
“Is your boot sale on today?”

“Good morning sir,
may I just say,
It’s ten past four on Saturday!”

“Is it on?
I need the facts,
before I leave for Halifax!”

“Goodbye sir
that’s nice to know
this is Baldock, now off you go!

The pillow’s cold,
my wife’s awake,
might as well get up “For heaven’s sake!”

Please do call,
my fault my phone,
a personal service not answerphone!

© Baldock Bard 2015
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