The Empty Chairs in Paris


Empty ChairWhen someone dies, one of the first noticeable things is the suddenly empty chair. Much has been written and spoken about this weekend’s terrible terrorist attack in Paris. What has been less commented on is the personal tragedy suffered by, not just the victims, but those they loved and who loved them…

There are many empty chairs in Paris today,
Il y a beaucoup de chaises vide en Paris aujourd’hui.
At breakfast,
a la petite déjeuner,
On the Underground,
dans le Metro,
In the office,
dans le bureau.
At lunch,
au déjeuner,
On the bus,
sur le bus,
In the bar,
dans le bar.
In the home,
dans la maison.

But most of all,
mais surtout,
in the heart,
dans le Coeur.

Vivre La France, avec amour.

© Baldock Bard 2015
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