The European Discount Experience!


Yesterday afternoon Mrs Bard and I visited a discount supermarket. Last time we had ventured through the doors we had been after a packet of French steak haché and had been most disappointed to find it had flown off the shelves. This time we entered with no pre-requests and were luckier…

We went on a visit to a discount store,
Why had we never been to this one before?
Aisles full of goodies you never knew,
You needed so badly at prices untrue!
Things for the kitchen, stuff for the car,
A workshop compressor next to sports bra!
Amongst strange names from a faraway land,
Something familiar – an everyday brand!
Goods that you last saw on holiday abroad,
This time in pounds sterling at a price to afford.
New ways of eating beetroot, well fancy that?
Some strange looking tins – Oh! It’s food for the cat!
You start to question how can this be?
You’ve bought German sausage for just 50p.
You’ve heard that their whisky from Scotland is crackin’,
So into the trolley goes a bottle of Ben Bracken!
When you get home and unload the car,
You wonder was it worth it? Has it gone too far?
Then you wonder if you’ve been cyclopean?
Thanks to Aldi and Lidl you’re truly European! 

© Baldock Bard 2012
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