The Farmer’s Classroom!


farmersYesterday a group of farmers came to the farm to have a farm walk and discuss complicated new regulations and possibilities concerning on-farm environment. Even though most attendees broadly agreeded with everything that was said about protecting the environment, I wondered if the same rules and regulations would be accepted by our European ‘partners’…

Farmers sit silently in a draughty shed,
Listening to yet more rules with dread,
In a government office a man named ‘Fred’,
Doesn’t think it important to have food or bread.

He’s never seen a farm except in Emmerdale,
Never been outside in snow, rain or hail,
He thinks only footballers are called ‘bale’,
“We’d just import food if farming were to fail”

They wouldn’t put up with this in Paris or Rome,
Driving tractors, around the streets they’d roam,
The police would then cover them all in foam,
They all know: “Fair Trade begins at home!”

With many thanks to those who spend their lives attempting to explaining the latest European/British dictats without much thanks or praise.

© Baldock Bard 2015
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