The Feb-March Man-Flu Virus!


Man FluThis is a bad time of year for illness. The temperature change from day to day leads to confusion of the body. One day it has the internal thermostat set for winter, the next it is time to break out the shorts. I am sitting in my office feeling sorry for myself. Well, to be truthful, I feel terrible. If it were a self-inflicted alcohol-related illness I’d man up, however it is much worse. I’ve been cruelly struck down with the dreaded ‘Man Flu’…

My throat is sore,
My head does spin,
You’ve no idea,
The state I’m in!

My knees are weak,
My back is sore,
I’ve never felt,
This bad before!

My teeth are aching,
My mood is blue,
My wife says,
I’ve got Man Flu!

My voice is croaky,
My throat all red,
I cannot speak,
That’s enough said!

We’ve got two children,
Daughter and son,
My wife gave birth,
Or we’d have none!

There is no cure,
I’ve heard some say,
My heart is beating,
So I must be Ok!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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