The Goth Moth!


Cinnabar MothContinuing my clear up in time for next weeks guests on the farm ( decided to strim the area around the barn where we are meeting. The meeting with the farmers is to discuss conservation and give them an opportunity to see our achievements here. However the strimmer refused to start…

The bloody strimmer refused to start,
I felt like a horse without a cart,
what will those farmers think of me?
thistles and nettles the first thing they’ll see!

Then I spied a little moth,
it’s back and red colouring decidedly ‘Goth’,
and all at once I realised,
this beautiful moth was my prize!

The little moth’s more valuable than I thought,
because it’s larvae eats poisonous ragwort.
So thanks to this little moth, black and red,
I’ve returned the strimmer to the shed!

For more info on this wonderful little ragwort-eater, Goggle ‘Cinnibar Moth’

© Baldock Bard 2015
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