The Innocent Puppy?


Having relaxed after our guests left on Boxing Day, yesterday was a day of tidying up. Unfortunately our puppy had other ideas, yet when it came to shouldering responsibility, put on the sweetest angelic face and denied all knowledge of the mess…

Yesterday morning,
we started clearing up.
Would have been easier
a naughty pup!
There was a large bag,
of torn wrapping paper,
scattered over the floor,
it did me no favour!
In the middle,
sat the pup:
“It wasn’t me,
I’ve just got up!”
The old dog sighed,
all he had to say:
“Wasn’t there room
On Santa’s sleigh?”

If you are still clearing up after a merry time and looking for a distraction, would you like some four-legged help?

© Baldock Bard 2016
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