The Lesson of the Leaning Poles!


At work do you ever get a ‘Tractor-Driving’ moment? You are sitting at a desk (or similar), working on auto-pilot, and your mind wanders so far off target that when you ‘return’ to the job in hand you shock yourself. There are obviously times when this is unadvisable (e.g. if you drive for a living or are a chef with knives), but on certain jobs I find such moments unavoidable…

I was mowing yesterday,
topping grass not making hay,
when my mind went for a walk,
even ignored the radio squawk!

When I came back ‘into the room’,
(soundless entry, not a zoom!),
electric poles there were a-sway,
had I hit them whilst away?

Looking from the tractor seat,
I’d missed them by quite some feet,
I let out a most relieved sigh,
and gave thanks to the One on High!

…and vowed never to do that again. I’d learned a valuable lesson that will be avoided next time by paying attention!
© Baldock Bard 2015
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