The Magical Cake Fairy!


IMG_4414As you may have read in yesterday’s posting, ( we had a bad mechanical breakdown during hay-making. However the Cake Fairy was on hand and after a short break and some industrial-sized sustenance, the job was surrounded and came out with its hands in the air! Quite how I managed to repair such a complicated breakdown I shall never know, so I’m attributing my success to the Cake Fairy…

The Cake Fairy came to see,
What on earth was happening to me.
She looked at the baler with its broken knotter,
And decided to act (she’s quite the plotter!),
Shut the doors,” she said to me,
Go an have some cake and tea!
When you return to the job in hand,
It will seem much easier than you planned!
I followed her instructions to the letter,
And yes indeed, I felt much better!
When I returned to the broken baler,
The mending job became a plain-sailer!
So if a job keeps you awake,
Listen to the fairy and have some cake!

Dedicated with enormous thanks to my two Cake Fairy’s, Gill and Sheila who always anticipate my cake-needs and are the finest cake-bakers in the land.

© Baldock Bard 2013
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