The Milky Bar Kid!


Milky Bar KidGrandparents are put upon this earth for one purpose. They may be old, they may creak and need constant repeats when spoken to, but their real purpose is known by grandchildren the world over. They were invented to spoil grandchildren.  Unfortunately some mothers think they are the first generation to produce children…

The grandparents bribe of choice,
Up and down the land,
A bar of white chocolate,
No evidence on hand!
“Did you have a nice time,
With Grandpa here today,
Would you like to come back,
Tomorrow morning to play?”

Grandpa loosens his collar,
Beads of sweat upon his brow,
Praying that his grandchild,
Doesn’t tell her mother how,
She had a bar after breakfast,
And two this afternoon,
The advantage of white chocolate,
“Your mum might be back soon!”

It’s all a case of forgetfulness,
Today’s mothers have erased,
Memories of their childhood,
In their Milky Bar Kid days!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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