The Missing Bracelet!


The BraceletHave you ever been given something and almost immediately mislaid it? Was the fact that it was missing noticed by the donor? How much trouble were you in? Not as much trouble as I was in yesterday…

My Granddaughter made me a bracelet,
it was tied tight to my wrist,
somewhere during the day,
it fell off and was missed!
I tried to blame the dog,
and the cat we didn’t own,
but I’m in deeper trouble,
so I’m searching all over home.
I tried to calm the situation,
with a bag of bright jelly sweets,
now she’s off the ceiling,
and about to call the police!
Those terrible two’s are with us,
soon it will be the threes,
I wish I could find the bracelet,
before it ruins my knees!

© Baldock Bard 2015
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