The Mobile Food Emporium


Finding a mobile food supplier that is suitable for the car boot sale is not as easy as it may at first seem. Over the years some have arrived by design and some by accident or default. This year we are changing again, not through choice, but because the couple who have been with us for the last two years have become so popular elsewhere. We wish Elaine and Steve all the very best of luck, we shall miss them.

Steve and Elaine’s Mobile Food Emporium

In a lay-by outside Royston,
On the A505,
Elaine and Steve will fulfill your need,
If you’re hungry when you drive.

They used to do the boot sale,
Until October last,
But those in the know won’t let them go,
And lose their fine repast.

Their bacon roll’s the finest,
Their burgers are all fine too,
But the great surprise in their enterprise,
Is the salad they’ll make for you.

So if your tummy is rumbling,
It’s lunchtime once again,
Ignore the golden arches,
And head for Steve and Elaine.

© Baldock Bard
Just 4 days until the Baldock Saturday Car Boot Sale returnsfor its 20th season on the 14th April 2012
Bootphone: 07852 707 074